Flour Stewed fruit on the bark of larch Lip balms Cellulose Cereal Delicate cream linen A series of "Russian color" (monotravy in filter bags) Hair products Flux Series "Fita" Charges (placer) Propolis fructose syrups A series of "Russian color" (shredded monotravy) Apiarian products Syrups "Siberian berry" Honey Natural Oils Cream honey Apifitobalzamy Broths Honey and bee products Balms 0.25 p/p Honey with herbs Balsams fructose Balsams "Diabetofit" Honey with fruit extract Honey breakfast Honey with nuts Honey composition Gift Sets 1 Gift Sets 2 Candy Series "Fita" (fees filter bags) Dietary Products Facial Treatments Linseed oil Elixir of health Balms 0.25 p/p Souvenirs
Roller shell of pine nuts "Candy"
1,000.00 р. 600.00 р.
Cedar oil with propolis 100 ml Elite
1,400.00 р. 980.00 р.
Oil of cedar "Choice" Elite 100 ml
1,400.00 р. 980.00 р.
Honey with pine nuts (crushed)
380.00 р. 265.00 р.
60.00 р. 50.00 р.
60.00 р. 50.00 р.
Flax seed
60.00 р. 50.00 р.
  • Altaj-Starover
  • Gentle flax
  • Compass Health
  • Two lines
  • Planet SPA Altai

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